Our Team

Some of our team members.

JackJack holds a black belt in removing trees. He is the Chuck Norris of Arboriculture and we are lucky to call him our crane operator. He is a cco certified crane operator, certified tree care specialist and a valuable member of our team.

Adiel is the best tree climber to ever lace up a pair of boots. If tree climbing was an Olympic event he would hold more gold medals than Michael Phelps. Adiel makes the most complex tree removal look easy. Simply put, he is the BEST!



TommyTommy is an aspiring arborist. He is also a third generation tree care specialist.
brianBrian is a truck driving, bobcat operating, chainsaw running machine. Brian is awesome.



Franklin is a certified ground operation specialist that has 6 years of experience. He is absolutely amazing at what he does.

Jameson takes more pride in driving his truck than having a beard. You can see how much he likes his beard.



Taylan is also the 4th generation of Arbormax and she is our future arborist. Taylan loves everything about trees. She won the regional forestry competition for her middle school.

The smile says it all. Mata is an inspiration to us all. His optimistic outlook on everything and his great sense of humor keeps his crew enjoying the day. He is also a fantastic tree climber.



Timmy Jr
This junior arborist is the 4th generation of Arbormax. He enjoys going on recreational tree climbs as often as possible. He aspires to be a North American tree climbing champion when he’s old enough to compete.